TYPMAR was a professional manufacturer of maglev vertical axis wind turbines and wind-solar hybrid system with more than 13 years of arduous efforts,countless failures and ceaseless improvement. finally invented the first maglev vertical axis wind turbine in the world. currently avaiable product models CXF-300,CXF-400,CXF-600,CXF-1000,CXF-3000.

Shenzhen TYPMAR Wind Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is the pioneer of green energy technology in the world. 

TYPMAR is a technology innovation-oriented enterprise which intergrates research and manufacturer with sale,project and service of the maglev wind turbine system as one set.

Maglev Wind Turbine Introduction&Working Principle:

The worldwide first maglev wind turbine is a great breakthrough for the small wind energy field which integrates Appearance Design,Utility Design,Electrical Engineering,Dynamic Engineering,Power Mechanics,Aviation Air Engineering,Tunnel Testing,Magnetic Levitation Technology,Lightening Protection Engineering,Computer Simulation Techniques and many other subjects together. the whole machine is made of the light aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, stainless steel and other raw materials.

The maglev working principle: Maglev technology lifts the generator's coil together by the super magnet. under the pushing of wind that its motor without mechanical frication and the generator cuts the magnetic lines of force to produce AC smoothly and stably. so that wind turbine will start to generate high-efficiency in breezes (1m/s wind speed).

TYPMAR Story Begins Here
2002-2009Mr.Lin Wenqi the CEO of TYPMAR who lead 22 people of TYPMAR R&D team, after more than 700 times failed and cost more than 20 million RMB,finally succeed researched out TYPMAR maglev wind turbine.
2008-2009June,2008. The second,Third generation 600W,1000W wind turbines comes out,improvement the proportion of generator,blades and wind cone. January,2009 TYPMAR matured products to the market, started accept orders and mass production.
2009-2010TYPMAR passed ISO9001,CE Certificates.
2012TYPMAR awarded "Shenzhen Top Ten Energy-saving Practial Excellent Technical Enterprise Certificate in 2011" issued by Shenzhen Energy Saving Association.
2015Till December,2015 TYPMAR awarded total 22 patents
2007-2008April,2007 The first generation 400W maglev wind turbine of TYPMAR comes out. 2008,Shenzhen TIMAR Technology Co.,Ltd was founded.(Now called TYPMAR)
2009December,2009 Shenzhen TYPMAR Wind Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.formally establish. TIMAR join into TYPMAR.
2011TYPMAR became the member of "International Investment Promotion Association" and Awarded"Engineering Qualification Certificate" issued by the Ministry of Construction.
2012TYPMAR awarded"Gold Award of Green Development Contribution" issued by China Northwest International Clean Energy Expo.

Shenzhen TYPMAR Wind Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a pioneer of green energy technology in the world.

TYPMAR(TIMAR) is a technology innovation-oriented enterprise which integrates the research, manufacture, sale and service of maglev wind turbine systems as one set. Under the leadership of TYPMAR's Chairman Mr. Lin Wenqi, after seven years of arduous efforts, with countless failures and ceaseless improvement, TYPMAR's research team has invented the world first maglev wind turbine, fulfilling the milestone leap of the international technology on small and medium-sized wind turbines. TYPMAR has won a few proprietary intellectual property rights and licensed technology rights.

We also have passed some international testing and indentification, like IEC and CE on energy-saving and emssion-reduction,dedicating to the high efficiency of wind energy and the cause of developing a low-carbon enviromentally-sound society.Our prducts have been. windely put into practical application in china with the development and progress of moden technology, more and more renewable resources are utilized for the sustainable development.

TYPMAR also has participated in many national, provincial and municipal research projects on energy-saving and emission-reduction areas. We are dedicated to the development of highly efficient and environmentally friendly wind energy machinery. Our products have been widely put into practical application in China (including Taiwan area), the United States, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and other countries and regions around the world.

Technology innovation on the green energy has greatly changed human beings' life through an energy saving, scientific and environment protective way. TYPMAR people deeply know the mission we shoulder. We will ceaselessly innovate and improve our products, making our technology and service better and creating a brighter future for humankind.

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