Wind-Solar Hybrid Telecom Station System


The telecom station powered by the mains mostly at present,diesel generator and batteries as a backup power supply. Due to the remoteness of the telecom station, it only can connect to rural electric power grid that the transmission line is long and the stability is poor,so the reliability of power supply system is not good. the wind-solar hybrid power system could provide power supply to meet the telecom station,like microwave relay stationa,communications repeater station and micro cellular station etc.


Reliable performance, long lifespan, Long duration.
Economic and security compared to the laying of power lines.
Low faulty rate, easy maintenance.


The telecom station equipment was often installed in the high mountains, roads, railways and other places, in order to achieve good economic results. not only the local power supply is more difficult or has the potential to solve the supply problem but the huge cost and power solutions and safety, maintenance and other factors. using wind-solar hybrid power system that can reduce the electricity facilities maintenance and cost.

Remote mountainous, Border and Island etc.


Equipment Name Parameter Qty.
3KW Maglev wind turbine 3KW48V 3
3KW Wind-Solar Hybrid Controller 3KW48V 3
Silicom Solar Panel 100W/18V 28
Gel Battery 200AH/12V 36
Pole 5M,Q235 high steel pole with galvanization
Rainy days(without wind and sun),this configuration can be guaranteed the system working continuous 3 days.

Wind-Solar Hybrid Telecom Station in Liaoning,China

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