Wind-Solar Hybrid Monitoring System

The wind-solar hybrid monitoring system should be based on the user of electricity load to configure. it can be applied to the Highway,Forest fire prevention,Pests&Disezse prevention,Border Posts etc. this system can ensure the reliability of power supply, but also can reduce the cost of power generation.

1. The construction cost is less than the use of grid transmission and distribution.more secure and save electricity.
2. To determine the capacity of wind-solar hybrid power generation based on the installation area of wind and solar resource conditions and load power consumption.
3. Ensure that all monitoring equipments power supply continuous and stable.
4. Monitoring equipments are working all day.(Max.24 hours)

1. Economic, Practical, Reliable and Safe.
2. Rainy days (without wind and sun), it can be up 5-7 days continuous working.
3. AC and DC power supply that can be satisfy with varieties of load power supply. such as DC12V/24V or AC 220V.


Maglev wind turbine 300W/24V
Solar Panel 1000W/36V
Video Equipment 100W
Gel Battery 750AH/24V
Wind-Solar Hybrid Controller 300W30A
Pole 10M

Rainy days(without wind and sun),this configuration can be guaranteed the system working continuous 8 hours 5 days.

        Wind-Solar Hybrid Monitoring System in Highway,Jiangxi,China

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