Wind-Solar Hybrid LED Street Light System


Wind-Solar hybrid LED street light system is powered by battery group and the battery is charged by the solar panel and wind turbine.


Wind-Solar hybrid LED street light can be configure with different model wind turbines according to different climate,to achieve maximum utilization of wind energy in limited circumstances.


Emission reduction, environmental conservation, no electricity bill cost. Resource-saving and environment-friendly society is becoming a trend. Compared with the traditional street light, wind-solar hybrid LED street light is powered by renewable solar and wind energy in nature, do not consume any non-renewable energy sources, do not emit polluting gases into the atmosphere, resulting in pollution emissions reduced to zero.


Maglev wind turbine 300W24V
Solar Panel 400W/36V
LED light 100W+30W
Gel Battery 200AH/24V
Wind-Solar Hybrid Smart Controller 300W24V
Pole 10M

Rainy days(without wind and sun),this configuration can be guaranteed the system working continuous 8 hours 5 days.

                                                                   Shenzhen Xin'an Road Wind-Solar Hybrid LED Street light                                           

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